Surprising Facts About The Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner Posing With Playmates In The Playboy Mansion


The Playboy Mansion is a notorious estate and should you ever be lucky enough to find yourself invited to the house of dreams there’s probably some surprising facts about the mansion you didn’t know.
We all know the place is huge, it’s size has been legendary and the amount of lovely Playboy Playmates who occupy the house have made it the envy of males everywhere for decades but apart from the acres of land, extravagant decor and all the drop dead gorgeous playmates wondering around, there are probably some surprising facts about the late Hugh Hefner’s home of residence you didn’t know about. So we thought we could take you through a fun list of surprising facts you probably didn’t know about the Playboy Mansion.
Not to disappoint you or anything on the first fact, but the Playboy Mansions legendary parties are not open to the public. All parties are invited only with tickets given to those invited. Sometimes tickets are found on sale and can go for thousands of dollars.

Invite Only

If you do happen to come across a ticket for a party at the Playboy Mansion and the price is more than reasonable, there’s a very good chance your purchasing a fake and fake tickets or trying to sneak into the mansion can have you permanently blacklisted making it impossible for you to ever get invited in the future.

Private Zoo

Hugh Hefner has been an animal lover his whole life and since purchasing the Playboy Mansion back in 1971 for what seems in comparison to its value today a mere 1.1 million dollars he almost immediately added the Zoo claiming he wanted to create a great environment for them. The Playboy Mansion houses a number of animals such as bunnies (of course), monkeys, peacocks, cockatoos, African cranes, parrots, toucans, pelicans, doves and many other animals.
Hefner had a particular love for birds and his mansion is one of the few places in America with a private zoo licence. The zoo is located in the backyard of the mansion and is in view of its famous grotto where many parties have taken place and many men and women who are a part of the staff are credited with looking after all the animals.

The King

The Mansion is part of Hugh Hefner’s legacy as much as the actual lifestyle magazine is and that’s for a number of reasons. The mansion, since becoming the home of Hef in 1971 has had a number of famous stories told about it from trap doors to secret tunnels the mansion is as interesting as Hugh or any of his bunnies are. Apparently, Elvis Presley, the king of rock spent a memorable night at the Playboy Mansion where he infamously spent the night with eight playmates. The room he occupied was later dubbed ‘The Elvis Room’ and in honour of the king has since been closed to the public.

Other Celebrities

The playboy mansion has had a long history with celebrities, public figures and people of interest and over time some of the celebrities who have attended the playboy mansion have told some unique stories. Actor Stephen Baldwin recalls in his biography he was walking down a spiral staircase in the Playboy Mansion with actor and friend Robert Downey Jr. Before reaching the second to last step Downey Jr apparently warned Baldwin of a trap that could be set off if he takes another step. Secret tunnels which apparently lead all the way to celebrity homes such as Jack Nicholson and James Caan have been reported although Hugh Hefner himself denied the existence of these tunnels in 2015.
The Playboy mansion employs up to 80 members of staff outside of the Playboy Bunnies, to constantly tend to the mansion making sure they are looking after the garden, the zoo, the interior home, cooking and any other jobs that need attention.

So there we have it, from secret tunnels to private zoo’s and the king of rock spending a legendary night, the Playboy Mansion’s reputation will remain forever, as infamous as the man who occupied its walls.

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