Pros and Cons of Adult Companionship Part 1

An image of a strained relationship

Everyone at some point finds themselves craving human companionship. Even the people who regularly post how happy they are to be single, how awesome it is to go to bed knowing nobody is potentially cheating on them or boasting that they have the freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want. However even this single and free life can take its toll and leave you wanting someone there to share your memories with.
Getting into a relationship, in the beginning, is always a lot of fun, especially if the connection with the other person is strong, you may find yourself constantly trying to contact each other, updating your potential other half with pictures of your food or recent updates on where you are in your day. Sending each other cute pictures of your breakfast, asking what the plan is for the day and arranging to meet can leave butterflies fluttering all day in both parties stomachs. However as time goes on people will find those butterflies get tired, break their wings or even just completely die.
So here were going to run through a list of pros and cons of adult companionship. What’s the best part about having somebody in your life? What’s the worst? Does the good outweigh the bad or the other way around, let’s find out.
Starting on a positive note is a pro of adult companionship, and a simple one, which is:

Someone is always there for you

Having support from another person at the best of times can be quite difficult, but when you’ve had ‘one of those days’ it’s nice to have someone to calm your nerves and reassure you that things aren’t as out of control as they seem (even if that’s a little white lie). Sometimes we all need to hear a small lie or a compliment, even if we don’t wholeheartedly believe it ourselves, hearing someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself is definitely a confidence booster. Being able to just be annoyed and still have somebody there to comfort us is a blessing, because being frustrated and only having yourself to pick yourself back up, isn’t always an ideal situation. Although some people thrive in comforting themselves, we could all do with a little bit of different perspective every now and then, and adult companionship is the best form of outside support.
Moving to a con now is:

Going out with friends isn’t as fun anymore

Remember going out with your friends? Seeing somebody you liked and psyching yourself up to start a conversation, your friends telling you to go for it, or just randomly hitting it off with a stranger for a conversation you had no idea you were going to have tonight, those were the nights, but now you’re in a committed relationship, and as great as everything is you’re now in a position to be loyal. Even though that’s what’s expected and it should be, you may find yourself craving to connect with other people while simultaneously feeling guilty about even having the thoughts thought up. This is why it’s important to ask yourself, especially through your 20’s if a committed relationship is really what you want. You will find yourself in new environments regularly through your 20’s meeting new people all the time, and a decision to stay committed to one person is a decision not to be taken lightly, or you could end up hurting yourself and someone else in the process.
Switching back to the pros is:

You get to learn about yourself

Being in a relationship isn’t only about learning everything you can about your chosen other half. You also get a chance to learn yourself. See many of us, especially if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on your own, indulging in your own vices and enjoying what you enjoy on a deeply personal level, you may find you never realised what actually annoyed you about other people and what you might love about other people. The great thing about meeting someone else and connecting is they will also introduce you to new experiences. You may find yourself enjoying songs you never would have listened to on your own, being introduced to films and tv shows you never thought to watch or finally discovering a hidden talent you had no idea you have such as poetry or songwriting.
You may also find out about new things you don’t like, or small habits your partner has that really irritates you, or discover your own flaws and weaknesses such as realising you may be a lot more jealous than you thought since you never really had to be jealous before.
This type of self-knowledge learned through sharing and discovering with someone else is a rich experience we can all benefit from.
Back to the cons for a minute and we have:

You have to make time to see them Image result for making time

That sounds more cruel than intended, but the point remains. Pencilling in your other half into your already busy schedule can very quickly go from fun to a chore especially as time progresses and the relationship becomes increasingly more demanding. When you first meet somebody the thought of meeting up with them is always exciting and it seems like a date can’t turn up sooner, but after a while you may find yourself oohing and ahhing at the thought of rushing around to fit everything into your schedule, sometimes this can cause a strain on the relationship with your other half perhaps assuming you’re to busy to care or that you just don’t want to see them as much anymore. Vice versa you may even find yourself thinking like this when your other half has trouble fitting you in.
Adult companionship, like everything fun, isn’t without its strings attached. The demand to fill someone else’s needs while trying to satisfy your own, trying to maintain the initial spark of attraction and the paranoia of both of you remaining faithful are all factors that contribute to any relationship. That being said a relationship has to be enjoyed, and if you focus on the pros more than the cons and enjoy the time you have with your partner, you should flourish into a healthy long lasting relationship with the person right for you.

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