The Playboy Club Chicago

an image of a young hugh hefner with his playmates in the chicago playboy club

The Playboy Club Chicago

The Playboy Clubs are world famous, with people all over the world visiting the famous Playboy clubs to be served drink and food by the iconic Playboy bunnies as they enjoy quality entertainment. The Playboy clubs have been running for a while now and the first one was opened to a very happy public in Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s hometown of Chicago.

According to Hugh Hefner, ‘’Playboy could not have happened anywhere other than Chicago’’.
Hugh Hefner grew up in Chicago and worked many years of his life in the city, the first Playboy magazine publication he printed was created in his apartment in Chicago so opening the first Playboy club in this famous city was poetically brilliant.

The first Playboy club, originally referred to as the ‘Playboy Key Club’ was opened on the leap day 29th of February 1960 on 116 E Walton St and was located in a building leased from the world famous Chicago Bulls, cementing Playboys special relationship with Chicago a little more.

The clubs USP to have exclusive members who all carry keys allowing them access to the club and proving they’re a member was directly inspired by Chicago’s own ‘Gaslight Club’. Gaslight featured a similar system of exclusivity, having members carry keys for entry, and waitresses dressed in nothing more than velvet corsets, similar to what made the famous Playboy Bunnies so iconic in the coming years.
Originally an advert was published in the Chicago Tribune stating Playboy was giving the opportunity to the 30 most beautiful women in Chicago to earn 12-15k a year as Playboy Bunnies. 30 girls were hired and within its first month of conception, the Playboy Key Club was visited by close to 17,000 people.

The Club later, renamed just the Playboy Club, was moved to Clark St and Armitage Avenue before closing for good in 1986.
Following the initial creation of the Playboy Key Club, many clubs were open in different locations across the states before the entire franchise became defunct in 1991.

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In the mid 00’s, around 2005 Playboy decided to open the Playboy Club once more. This time choosing to debut there the grand opening in the city of sin Las Vegas and following on from this in coming years Playboy opened even more clubs in the various global location such as Cancun and London.

Today Playboy’s Clubs are still a members-only affair and is still draped in exclusivity as it’s selling point. However, the Clubs have become more accessible to the general public with, for example, Playboy Club London, located in Mayfair has a 24 hour ‘Tail Bar’ serving the best cocktails to the latest music and this bar is available to the legal aged public.
So whether you’re a member or not, get down to the Playboy Club, and experience why Playboy has been so popular, for so many years.

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