New Orleans is the US city nicknamed “the big easy”. This city held a Playboy club which was thriving until it’s closure in the mid-seventies. Below you’re going to find out about all of the naughtiness that happened during the time it was open, until its closure. As we all know, New Orleans is a city full of Jazz and they loved also loved Jazz here at the Playboy in New Orleans.

The History of New Orleans Playboy Club

The New Orleans Playboy Club opened its doors on October 13th, 1961. Until its closure in the mid-seventies, this Playboy Club had a lot to it, unlike some of the other clubs as it was in a city which was full of Jazz and wonder. The main attraction for the high-established men was, of course, the New Orleans Playboy bunnies; I mean, who doesn’t want to drink and smoke while surrounded by some of the most stunning girls in town?

It was also the club where they developed the famous “Bunnies Dip” which stopped their breasts from falling out of their bunny suits when they leaned over to serve their drinks. Many men during the seventies said that it was an absolute travesty that this club closed as it brought a life to the city that wasn’t seen for a decade or two later.

new orleans playboy club

What type of people could you expect at the New Orleans Playboy Club?

Mostly you’d find high-end businessmen that were local to the area, as well as local politicians and sports stars at the time. It was the club that had all of the interesting gossip of the time emanating from it; you would always hear something interesting going on at the New Orleans Playboy Club.

At the time of this clubs height in the sixties, it was one of the most important clubs in New Orleans as it was the place that anybody who was anybody would hang out and drink at; of course, if you wanted entry to this club you had to be given a special Playboy key that was hard to come by even in those days.

Closure and Post-Closure

As previously mentioned, this club closed down during the mid-seventies. This club, unfortunately, became a derelict building once closed down until it was bulldozed down and replaced with an auto-parts store and garage. The surrounding clubs were quite pleased with this as their business eventually soared and now there are hundreds of clubs in New Orleans. Moreover, nothing has yet provided the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the old New Orleans Playboy Club.