Dating The Same Sex

Gay couple hugging each other happily in middle of the street

You may have noticed that our website has a dating section and today we’re going to talk about what it’s like to date the same sex, you may think it’s entirely different and some of you may think that it’s just the same as straight dating. Well, the only you can find out is by reading onwards and discovering the truth about dating the same sex.

Be yourself like always

It’s the very nature of who you are so don’t think for one minute of trying to act like someone else, it sounds simple but it needs to be said again and again. Just because you’re out with someone of the same sex doesn’t mean that you have to act a certain way. There might be a few stereotypes of how gay men and women act from Hollywood but don’t, even for one second believe that this is the case in reality. The date you’re having isn’t meant to be a performance, instead be yourself and he/she will respect that because that is who they want to date.

Keep your expectations realistic

Like all dates you don’t want to go in there thinking that she is the one for you automatically, you’re going to want to be realistic and go out there to enjoy yourself with her. Keep in mind that this is the first person that you may have gone out who is part of the same sex, however, it is completely normal to maybe think that this is going to be like just meeting any other guy. Sometimes this can really help you and other times it can hinder you depending on who you’re meeting, of course, you kind of have to scope out the individual you’re interested in.

It might be your first time but avoid labels

If you’ve had the intellect to brush up on the many labels that are floating around in the LGBT community, then you’ll know that there are a lot and although you might be comfortable with this, however, your date might not be. So keep an open mind when you’re out on the same-sex date and make sure you take into consideration that others might not appreciate these kinds of labels. If however, they refer to themselves as a label then don’t dig yourself into a hole just have a laugh with it and move on to the next topic of conversation.

Remember that this is a date so stay calm

You need to remember that you’re not on stage or giving the performance of your life, this is a date and remember to take a breather if you need too. Just act like you usually do around others and make sure that it is for your benefit only, as you’re wanting to meet with this individual and make one of the best memories that you could want out of this experience together.

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