5 Surprising Celebrities Who Took It All Off For Playboy

An image of Marge Simpson when she was in the Playboy magazine

Playboy has stars every month pose for there covers and centrefolds, but every now and then even Playboy will occasionally surprise us with the latest star chosen to expose her galaxy for the universe.

We’ve compiled a small fun list of 5 of these shocking celebrities who decided to take it all off for the lifestyle magazine.

Starting with number 1 is probably the most shocking with:

Marge Simpson

Yes, MARGE SIMPSON. The animated housewife in the hit cartoon series The Simpsons. Marge, who is portrayed as the classic but overly busy and worn out wife who is a devoted and loving mother of three cartoon children. Marge Posed for Playboys 2009 November issue, but even the Playboy proved to be a little ambitious for the normally clean portrayed good girl housewife as she didn’t go completely nude. Well….At least Lisa will be proud.


Madonna, the Pop Queen and arguably the shock queen. From raunchy performances to banned erotic videos and public practice of kabbalah, Madonna is no stranger to controversy and headlines. Despite her reputation, Madonna still shocked the industry when she took it all off for Playboy. Perhaps it was because it seemed like it was for another publication and not one of Madonna’s own music video or stunts, nevertheless, she looked the part and Madonna, as she always does, rocked.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron shocked the world when she portrayed serial killer Aileen in the biopic Monster. Her award-winning role garnered her in reputation as one of the best actresses around. No makeup, bad hygiene and an incredibly intense performance was nothing like the younger, then up and coming actress who posed nude for Playboy. Although Charlize is still a knockout, her Playboy shoot is a far cry from the incredible actress she went on to become.

Lindsay Lohan

Adorable child star from films such as ‘The Parent Trap’ onto adolescent star in the smash hit cult comedy Mean Girls to …Playboy? Lindsay Lohan shocked the world when she rapidly threw away her good girl reputation to pose for Playboy magazine. For some it was a bitter pill to swallow seeing the adorable child from Parent Trap pose seductively and nude for Playboys 2012 February issue, but Lindsay was a beautiful bombshell and rocked the cover with confidence.

Sharon Stone A professional image of Sharon Stone on the Playboy Cover

Sharon Stone, the gorgeous Hollywood icon whose name still turns heads today. In 1990 Sharon Stone quickly became a well-known name for two reasons, she appeared in the classic Sci-Fi film Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and she graced the cover of Playboy. Although the move to go nude was shocking to many people who were fans of the sci-fi star, the move was also praised as a publicity stunt to further raise Sharon’s profile…Which it did.

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