5 Controversial ‘Women Of..’ Playboy Covers

A professional image of Patti Davis

Changed to women of the Ivy League, caused outrage among feminists who felt like the magazine was perhaps becoming a little too explicit or perhaps just crossing moral boundaries. The girls or women of Ivy League were featured in the issue, which was the cause of people accusing Playboy of sexually exploiting teenage girls. Although college girls are a regular and not at all controversial aspect of Playboy anymore, the crowd of 1979 wasn’t as accepting.


Nov 1980 – Women of the U. S Government


Just before Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the US President, Playboy featured a ten page spread, and cover on the real life women of the Government. Many of the official employees posed for the magazine and found themselves facing repercussions after. Two US Navy workers were honourably discharged from service after posing for the magazine.


Aug 1989 – Women of Wall St.


Women of Wall Street was a similar issue to Women of the US Government in which Playboy, in an attempt to be more authentic than it’s competition, featured real women of Wall Street on it’s cover and on the inside spread. Nine women were featured in the magazine who all worked at Wall Street. Seven of the nine women were unemployed after the magazine was released.


July 1994 – Patti Davis


Patti Davis, graced the cover of july 1994’s issue of Playboy and posed inside the magazine completely nude with a ‘full frontal view’. Although this is typical for Playboy playmates what separates Patti Davis and what gave her notoriety for one of the most controversial Playboy covers ever, was that she was the daughter of President at the time, Ronald Reagan. At the modest age of 58 Patti Davis bravely posed nude again in 2011 for More Magazine breaking down even further notions of beauty and age.


Aug 1994 – NYPD Nude A picture of a Playboy cover featuring the NYPD


As with the Women of Wall St and Women of the US Government, Playboy wanted to do a feature on the serving police women of NYPD. Instead of dressing a Playboy playmate up in a sexy police uniform, Playboy as it does, opted for authenticity featuring real police officers who posed for the magazine. The officer featured on the cover was terminated for unauthorized employment while off-duty.

Playboy has always served to push boundaries and test societies perception of what’s accepted in our society and considering some of the covers and articles Playboy has produced over the decades, it seems they are achieving just that.

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